Earthen Herman - Cahambiance: The Cahaba River In Stereo [Cassette]


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Earthen Herman’s Cahambiance is a 30-minute meditation of gratitude for our native rivers. Side A is a 6 part composition that is anchored by the sweeping sound of the flowing river. The parts range from peaceful and contemplative to sparse and dissonant, mirroring the complicated relationship that all of our native rivers have with the ongoing pressure of urbanization. Side B is a field recording of a break in the river. It’s busy but not hurried and designed to rest peacefully in the background of your day-to-day.

The Cahaba River is Alabama’s longest remaining stretch of free-flowing river and a global treasure trove of biological diversity and scenic beauty. It is the primary drinking water source for one-fifth of the state’s people in the Birmingham metro area. Flowing from its headwaters northeast of Birmingham, AL until it reaches the Alabama River southwest of Selma, the Cahaba River is 194 miles long and drains an area of 1,870 square miles. The Cahaba has more fish species per mile than any other river in North America and a similar richness of turtle, crayfish, snail, and mussel species. As one of the most biodiverse habitats on the planet, it supports 139 rare and imperiled species, including 10 fish and mussel species listed under the US Endangered Species Act. The Nature Conservancy has named the Cahaba as one of eight “hotspots of aquatic biodiversity” in the U.S. that must be saved.

Mixed by Jake Carnley and Jonathan Oliphant
Mastered by Jonathan Oliphant
Art and Layout by Drew Ryan

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