The August RSD Drop ran so smoothly that we're going to stick with our procedures for the next two drops! Saturday, September 26th is the next drop.

Our current safety procedures will be the same: Masks covering the nose and mouth and Seasick provided sanitizer and gloves will be REQUIRED.

As much as camping out and lining up are Record Store Day traditions, we strongly discourage anyone from lining up this year. We ask you to please remain in your car and at 6AM we will begin handing out numbers to each car. Cars will line up following the directional markings that will start at our front door. Once you receive your number, please park until it is your turn to shop.

Starting at 7AM we will hold up a numbered sign and when your number shows up, it's your turn to shop. If you are not here when your number is called, you will lose your turn.

There will be 6 people allowed inside the store at a time. Each person will have 15 mins to shop. One in, one out until 11AM.

We will be open to in-store shoppers from 7AM-11AM on Saturday, September 26th. All remaining RSD titles will be available online at at 12PM (Central) for those who do not feel comfortable shopping in-store or are located in other parts of the country.

We will NOT be doing appointments on Saturday, September 26th.