Various Artists - Hospitality State Of Mind [LP]

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Hospitality State of Mind is a collection of blues and gospel tunes recorded by George Mitchell throughout the South from 1962 thru the 1980s. The songs were selected by our friends at End Of All Music in Oxford, MS.

The album features tracks by Othar Turner, Mississippi Joe Callicott, Furry Lewis, Robert Nighthawk, Jim Bunkley, George Henry Bussey, Leon Pinson, Cliff Scott, John Lee Ziegler, the Pettis Sisters, Willie Rockomo, and Lonzie Thomas.

The idea for this album was to introduce folks to these artists and the field recordings of George Mitchell, but also to present these songs on a record for everyday and any mood–a truly listenable and enjoyable batch of songs that you can keep playing over and over again. Instead of focusing on one particular artists or place we instead chose the songs based on flow, sequence, and melody. We picked songs that never get old and keep us coming back. The idea is that this record could live on your turntable almost exclusively.

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