Various Artists - The Virgin Suicides [LP]

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The Virgin Suicides Original Motion Picture Soundtrack feaures selections from Air, 10cc, Boston, Todd Rundgren, The Hollies, Al Green, Styx and more on 1LP black vinyl. Sofia Coppola's directioral debut launched her signature remarkable use of soundtrack in her storytelling, and was ranked among the 50 Best Films about High School in 2015.

Side A 
01 Magic Man - By Heart
02 Hello It's Me - By Todd Rundgren
03 Everything You've Done Wrong - By Sloan
04 Ce Matin La - By Air
05 The Air That I Breathe - By The Hollies
06 How Can You Mend a Broken Heart - By Al Green

Side B
01 Alone Again (Naturally) - By Gilbert O'Sullivan
02 I'm Not In Love - By 10 CC
03 A Dream Goes on Forever - By Todd Rundgren
04 Crazy on You - By Heart
05 Playground Love (Vibraphone Version) - By Air
06 Come Sail Away - By Styx

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