FVGAZI: Monday the 25th [Zine]

Sold Out

Sold out


1st Edition (310, numbered, red dot)

This 20th anniversary project was conceived with the sole purpose of generating funds to support the hard work being done at the Randolph County Animal Shelter (RCAS) in Alabama. Think of it this way, for all intents and purposes, you’re making a much-needed donation to help homeless animals and receiving a limited edition zine in return for your kindness. A zine that documents life on the road for Fugazi in 2002, no less—just months before they entered their 20-year-long hiatus.

The documented case in point is the band’s appearance at Sloss Furnace in Birmingham, AL on March 25th during what came to be their final U.S. tour. The 16-page, 7” x 10”numbered 1st edition zine includes poster art for the show, the night’s setlist, rare soundcheck photography by Tom Bejgrowicz, beautiful live captures by Ryan Russell (including previously unseen images), liner notes that draw heavily upon the email thread between Tom and Ian MacKaye as the show came together that spring and Tom's recollections of the day everyone spent in the Magic City. Many thanks to Ian for his support throughout the process of putting the zine together. Ultimately, the zine represents a microcosm of the band's legendary DIY work ethic as well as their powerful live performances—both of which were in full swing during the spring of 2002.

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