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The Posies

In advance of their upcoming show at Saturn Birmingham, Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow of The Posies will deliver a special electrified duo performance at Seasick Records! 

This is a milestone year for the Posies, fronted by Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer. The band began its career exactly 30 years prior by releasing a home-recorded cassette called "Failure", which to their complete surprise became an instant favorite around the Northwest, earning them critical accolades, radio airplay, and major label interest all in a very short time. 

The band went on to sign with Geffen records where they were label-mates with Nirvana and Sonic Youth, and steadily built a following around the world via their infectious hooks and furious live shows. They even backed up Big Star (and that performance, Columbia: Live At Missouri University, is a Seasick favorite)!

To take this anniversary celebration around the globe, the Posies, who have had a few lineup changes over the years (always based around the founding duo of Auer and Stringfellow) will be on tour as the 1992-1994 lineup that made "Frosting on the Beater", their breakthrough album — Jon and Ken will be complemented by drummer Mike Musburger and bassist Dave Fox. It’s been almost a quarter century since this quartet has been on the road, and recent warm-up shows have been as explosive as those played by the twenty-somethings of yore.

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