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Yellohwammer Creative Presents: Star Wars Art Show

Hot on the heels of the Simpsons Art Show, join Yellowhammer Creative at Seasick Records as we ring in a new addition to everyone's favorite saga with another themed art show. 

Featuring original works from:
Wedge Antilles | Timothy Cordts | Brett Forsyth | Ryan Foust | Danielle Franklin | Kathleen Griffith | Aaron Hamilton | Sydney Heck | Sean Humphreys | Anna Jackson | Tiaan Jerjerrod | Rachel Kilgore | Beru Lars | Paul Matthews | Patrick Nelson | Brianna Payne | D'Arcy Savage | Justin Snead | Jason Shoemaker | Susan Shoemaker |Byron Sonnier | Clay Stembridge | Christy Turnipseed | Brandon Watkins | Colby Watkins | Daniel Williams | John Lytle Wilson | Yellowhammer Creative and more