Breaking Your Sound Barriers #5: The Fall, The Ballet, and A Giant Cheeseburger

Breaking Your Sound Barriers is a series of blog posts related to the upcoming Sound Edge Festival, which takes place from February 10th - 18th in locations all over Birmingham, including Seasick Records.

So far, the Sound Edge Festival feels like a success. I wasn't able to hang out the last two nights (I was especially bummed to miss Koyaanisqatsiwhich I've finally learned to say but am still struggling to spell), and I'm hoping a plumbing situation isn't going to keep me from tonight's show: Future Elevators with Arova Contemporary Ballet and Opera Birmingham

What's really exciting about this show isn't the just mix of talent, rather the proximity to it. The Syndicate Lounge is an intimate room with a great sound system. To be so close to the dancers as well as hearing Opera Birmingham belting out contemporary "Opera shots" (their words) sounds thrilling. As someone who gets misty when in the presence of harmony singers, this is musical catnip. 

This combination of performers also brings to mind the unlikely combination of post-punk legends The Fall with Michael Clark's modern dance company -- a pairing that inspired the band's 1988 album, I Am Kurious Oranj.

Loosely based on William of Orange's accession to the English throne (but with a title that cribs sweetish filmmaker Vilgot Sjöman's 1968 film series, I Am Curious), I Am Kurious Oranj is both a good Fall album and a charming bit of experimental theater. I've never seen the whole thing but the video clips floating about the Internet are a lot of fun. I particularly love guitarist Brix Smith performing atop a giant cheeseburger.