New Releases - 2/10/17

311 – From Chaos [Reissue/2001] LP (Volcano/Sony Legacy)
Amidst their signature hip-hop/heavy rock/reggae hybrid, 311 additionally blends surf guitar over jungle beats, merges punk guitar with dancehall, and introduces ska on 2001’s From Chaos.

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness – Zombies On Broadway CD/LP (Vanguard) Singer/songwriter Andrew McMahon was the vocalist, pianist and primary lyricist for the bands Something Corporate and main songwriter for Jack's Mannequin and performs solo both under his own name as well as moniker Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness. When discussing Zombies On Broadway, McMahon had the following to express, “I wrote this album in the middle of a whirlwind, when the future was unclear. Isn’t it always? I found my way to the city, thinking I could settle a score with a ghost. You can’t, so I came home and rewrote the ending. I spent more than a year hoping to find new answers to old questions. What I found; I have always been two people; One in search of peace and the other in search of whatever makes my hair stand up and my heart beat faster. This record is mostly about the latter.”

Big Star - Complete Third: Vol. 2: Roughs To Mixes 2xLP+MP3 (Omnivore)
RSD/Black Friday 2016 saw the release of the first in a series of three volumes of double LPs that will contain the entire, recently released Complete Third CD boxed set. This second volume, Roughs To Mixes, continues the journey, featuring rough mixes from producer Jim Dickinson, as well as Ardent’s John Fry, with over 15 previously unissued tracks. Almost every song on this collection is making its vinyl debut.

David Bowie – Diamond Dogs [Reissue/1974] CD/LP (Rhino/Parlophone)
David Bowie – Young Americans [Reissue/1975] CD/LP (Rhino/Parlophone)
David Bowie – Station To Station [Reissue/1976] CD/LP (Rhino/Parlophone)
Albums included in the Who Can I Be Now? 1974-1976 boxset are now available individually. These are the 2016 remastered editions.
David Bowie – David Live (2005 Mix) 2xCD/3xLP (Rhino/Parlophone)
David Bowie – Live At Nassau Coliseum ‘76 2xCD/2xLP (Rhino/Parlophone)
David Live is David Bowie’s first official live album, originally released by RCA Records in 1974. The set was recorded over five days in July of that year, on the initial leg of Bowie's US Diamond Dogs Tour, at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, PA (a suburb of Philadelphia). The album catches Bowie in transition from the Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane glam-rock era of his career to the 'plastic soul' of Young Americans. Live At Nassau Coliseum was originally released as part of the 2010 Special Edition reissue of Station To Station, and was recorded in Uniondale, NY, March 23, 1976 during his Isolar Tour in support of Station To Station. (These albums were also included in the Who Can I Be Now? 1974-1976 boxset and are now available individually.)
David Bowie – Sound And Vision [1977] 7” (Rhino/Parlophone)
40th Anniversary picture disc. The A-side features a brand new remaster of “Sound And Vision” and the flip side sees the first physical release of the 2013 remix of the song. The stripped back remix by Sonjay Prabhakar was originally done for a Sony Experia advertisement and utilizes the original lead vocals and Mary Hopkin's backing vocal with a new piano part.

Isis – Wavering Radiant [Reissue/2009] 2xLP (Robotic Empire)
Limited edition clear with yellow splatter vinyl repress. The music of Isis is a suitable metaphor for their twelve-year career: patient, meticulous, fraught with tension and gradually building toward an apex of seismic proportions. They have successfully navigated the process of growing and evolving without disavowing their initial vision. On Wavering Radiant every component of this armory comes into equal play -- an audiophile's dream: grandiose without over-indulgence, epic without compromised focus. This is their fifth and final full-length album, last released by Ipecac Recordings in 2009.

Meatbodies – Alice CD/LP (In The Red)
With Alice, Meatbodies return ascending toward ground level. A "heavy-pop" concept, metal on molly. Chad Ubovich, Patrick Nolan, and Kevin Boog step out in new form, soaring through diverse stories, tones, and characters. Dancing between quiet and loud, funk and doom, pop and noise. Their message preached is celestial and deafening, a sacred scripture for today's world: a warbling Rhodes piano, a liquefying electric guitar, a ghostly synthesizer skating across the sands of a twelve-stringed acoustic.

Chuck Prophet – Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins CD/LP (Yep Roc)
Chuck Prophet describes his new disc Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins as California noir. The state has always represented the Golden Dream, and it's the tension between romance and reality that lurks underneath the surface in all noir films and paperbacks, and that connects these songs. Doomed love, inconsolable loneliness, rags to riches to rags again, and fast-paced violence are always on the menu on the Left Coast. [Vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold sleeve with die-cut cover and collectible button.]

The Sadies – Northern Passages CD/LP (Yep Roc)
“The Sadies are a band that fans cling to like a closely guarded secret, with each new release fulfilling the promise to reach further, for all of our sakes, not just their own. With Northern Passages, the time has come to make room for more on this wild acid-folk-country-punk trip, and trust me, we'll be better off because of it.” Recorded in the basement of Dallas and Travis' parents' home north of Toronto over the winter of 2015, the familiar surroundings and lack of distractions resulted in a consistent feel, despite the eclecticism at the heart of The Sadies' sound. The psych-folk flourishes on tracks such as “Riverview Fog” are no mere homage; this is the sound of our inscrutable world, and how we manage to survive in it. Kurt Vile appears on “Easy (Like Walking).”

Sinkane – Life & Livin’ It CD/LP+MP3 (City Slang)
Produced by founder and frontman Ahmed Gallab, Life & Livin’ It draws from the best elements of Sinkane's previous records: the slinky funk and soul grooves are there, so are the sparkling melodies with roots in sub-Saharan Africa. Life & Livin' It is true to its name: it's an album about all kinds of experiences, an uplifting album about a universal feeling of soul. “My family emigrated to the United States from Sudan,’ Ahmed explains, “and I grew up around a lot of folks who weren't like me, as an outsider. That's influenced me and my music immensely, and ultimately, this entire project is my way of connecting with all kinds of people - what better way to start a conversation with someone than by telling them a story about yourself that they can relate to?’ [Limited edition yellow color vinyl pressing also available.]

Vic Chesnutt – Drunk [Reissue/1993] 2xLP+MP3 (New West)
Faithfully remastered and complete with 13 bonus tracks, New West Records is proud to present Vic Chesnutt’s influential third full-length Drunk. Recorded over five total days, Drunk is marked by sparse instrumentation and minimal studio trickery that accent the depth of Chesnutt’s idiosyncratic lyrics and storytelling style. Bonus tracks feature B-sides, selections from an Inner Ear session and from a 1994 Radio Holland performance.