Two Whole Years!

Two years in and Seasick Records has more room, more records… More windows with more natural light. These are good things. There are also more of you. And we really appreciate that. It’s a pleasure to deepen your record collection, give you a haircut, and treat you to live music, local delicacies, unexpected art, and an overall good hang. Record Stores have long been culture hubs and we’re proud to carry on some of those weird traditions (and making a few of our own). 


Anyway: Please keep your eyes on this — our new website — for info on all of our various going ons as well as information about our ever-evolving selection of new and used LPs and 45’s. Speaking of which: We’ve been slowly ciculating records from an amazing collection we purchased a few weeks back. Fans of Mobile Fidelity, Factory Records, Reggae, 80’s alternative rock should especially take note.


You’d also do well to follow us on Instagram. We do Facebook and Twitter, too, but Instagram and this site (and this blog) will be the things to keep your eyes on. 


Oh yeah: We also a carry a small selection of CDs, Cassettes, honey, hot sauce, shirts, hoodies, and other weird stuff. We’d love to take a look at those records you don’t listen to, but spare us your 8-tracks — we only have so much room. 


One more thing: We're having a party Friday night! Hope you can make it. 

Daniel Drinkard